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What Exactly is Business Law?

Business law oversees the compliant creation of new businesses and interaction with other companies, the government, and the public.  This includes employment law, sales, intellectual property, tax law, bankruptcy, Real Estate Law (see our page for a more in-depth summary), and others. Attorneys in business law more often are hired to prevent litigation than provide representation in court for the reason of cost.  The costs are much lower to pay to be compliant than to fight a court battle. If you need an attorney for Business Law in Yakima Wa, Englund Law is prepared to help.

Starting A Business? You Might Need An Attorney For That

Newly formed companies must be compliant with local and federal laws before opening the doors. Attorney’s practicing Business Law are consistently called upon to form new entities for their clients by providing and filing the necessary documents the Secretary of State requires.  Choosing the best entity for their business is also a request many clients have.

There are many options when creating a business, a few can include: A Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.), corporation, partnership, etc. At Englund Law you can place your trust in a knowledgeable attorney to help decide what’s best based on your situation and what you want to accomplish (no/limited liability, owners as investors only, tax savings, or more).

Existing Businesses Also Can Benefit With An Attorney

Possessing an operating agreement for your business is essential to be compliant with all laws of commerce but also employment and investing.  The added benefit is this document also governs how owners will make company decisions, share profits or losses, and transfer ownership rights. Without an operation agreement, you can open yourself up to potential and costly legal trouble.

Business owners are able to handle most commercial transactions on their own.  However, some require more knowledge and experience to create and complete. An example of this could be a business that needs to comply with internet commerce or securities regulation laws.  Business law attorneys provide protection from non-compliance and the fees and legal battles associated.

Emotions can cloud judgment in even the most business-savvy people.  Receive valuable insight into transactions from an attorney with experience and objective analysis.  This allows for issues to be spotted that may have been overlooked from being too emotional, potentially allowing a deal to be approved.

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Be Proactive (The success of your company may depend on it)

If you are planning on forming a new business or need legal advice for an existing business, take the proactive approach and become compliant.  The success of your business depends on receiving the best legal advice. Trust over 30 years of experience practicing business law in Yakima Wa for your venture. Start on the right foot and save yourself from potential expensive issues in the future.  Contact Englund Law today! It’s as easy as clicking the button below!

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