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The Importance of Possessing a Will

The phrase of  “Estate Planning and Wills” might seem like it’s something only landowners or wealthy individuals should possess.  However, a will is applicable to anyone and everyone should have one no matter what income they make. Another aspect and perhaps the most important is the distribution of personal assets to the correct individuals. Luckily, you don’t need to travel far for these benefits, as you can get your own Personal Will in Yakima, Wa with Englund Law P.S.

What Exactly Is A Will?

A will is a document that is legally binding that clearly establishes how your estate (assets) is handled following your death.  If a person dies without a will, there isn’t a way to guarantee that your intended desires will be honored. Obtaining a will could help minimize family conflicts about your estate that may occur. In short, a will determines who, what, and when your estate is distributed.

Minimize Estate Taxes

One popular reason people get a will is to reduce taxes.  How is this possible? Well, Washington State imposes a “death tax” when an individual passes. However, you can ease the burden on your family today by obtaining a Will when/if the time comes. It can come as a surprise to someone living in the State Of Washington as Estate Taxes can be as high as 20% of the value of an individual’s assets. Englund Law has practiced law for over 30 years in Yakima, Wa, and can create your own Personal Will to help avoid this additional burden to your family.

A will does this by determining the value of what is given away to charity or family members. This reduces the value of your estate lowing the estate taxes you have to pay when death occurs. Leaving more money for your family or close friends.

Percentage Of American's Without A Will

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Potential Cost Of Probate For An Estate

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Don't Wait! Getting A Will Is Easier Than You Think.
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Be Prepared Today. Tomorrow Is Not Promised

Not possessing a will when you die, all or part of your estate (including assets) may be inherited to a person you didn’t intend.  Don’t increase your family stress or chances of a costly legal battle during a stressful time. You can obtain a will in less than a day with Englund Law.  We promise that the money you spend on a will today will save your family potential costs and relationships. But don’t think the protection Englund Law stops with personal assets. We can also protect your Company and other Real Estate assests.

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Death is a part of life, no one will escape it and no one knows when their time will come. Having a will protects you and your family in costs and relationships after an unexpected disability or untimely death occurs.  And just as death is a part of life, so is procrastination. Many people have getting a will on their “To Do” lists but never get around to calling their estate lawyer and taking the short time to set up a basic Will. Englund Law makes it easy to contact and in a short meeting can set up a basic Will protecting you, your family, and your relationships. What are you waiting for?

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