Real Estate Law In Yakima, Wa

What is Real Estate Law?
What Is Real Estate Law?

Real Estate Law is considered a subset of business law, however, the scope is so large that it is treated as a specialty. So what is Real Estate Law exactly?

It is an extensive legal area, regulated by federal, state, and local laws and statutes. The term real estate is used interchangeably with realty and property (find more in-depth info here). Many people associate this type of law with buildings or structures, however, the law applies to all aspects of the land.

What Real Estate Law Covers

It includes any permanent building or structure that is located on the land such as houses, buildings, bushes, minerals, and trees.  In addition, it also comprises the benefits, interests, and rights above (air) and below the ground (like oil) that are considered legally attached to the land. Englund Law P.S. has been practicing Real Estate Law in Yakima, Wa for over 3 decades, so you can know experience is on your side.

More Area's Real Estate Law Covers

Listed below are just some examples of what the scope of what Real Estate Law Covers.  This is a limited list, many more applications of this type of law exist.  This is just to give an idea of what is covered.  Got a question about a situation? Call or email us!

  • Rights and interests of real estate property
  • Purchase, Sale, Transfer of property
  • Legal situations with commercial landlords and tenants
Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Protect your assets and rights today!  Englund Law has 33 years of practicing Real Estate law in Yakima, Wa to help navigate you through a complex area of law. If you have an issue regarding any aspect of Real Estate Law, get in touch with us and see if you have a case!

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